Welcome to the site! In August 2000, my mom and I tackled a long-time dream and hiked the John Muir Trail. Wanting to take a little time to complete it we devised a thirty-two day schedule, including three layover days. It was an incredible journey. And we have the photos to prove it. But since the true depth and itensity of the experience is not easily described over a pot of coffee and a veritable tower of snapshots, I thought it would be a good idea to post the experience where anyone can check it out, in his or her own time. The hope is that this relieves the pressure of having to nod at the fifty-seventh shot of a granite peak and say, "ooh, pretty!" So enjoy, and be patient as the website expands. It takes time to assemble these pages. As we progress (and improve the web design skills) changes will occur without warning. So check back from time to time and watch the site grow.

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Trailhead to Long Lake
Over New Army Pass to Lower Rock Creek
Mount Guyot to Crabtree Meadows
Wright Creek, Bighorn Plateau, Tyndall Creek and a lightning storm
Forester Pass
Bubbs Creek to Kearsarge Lakes. Resupply!
Over Glen Pass
Rae Lakes to Pinchot Pass, and an expensive gravity test
Pinchot Pass through Upper Basin
Mather Pass and the Golden Staircase
The climb toward Muir Pass
Over Muir Pass to Evolution Valley
To Blayney Meadows/Layover and Resupply
Up to Sally Keyes Lakes
Over Selden Pass and down to Bear Creek
Bear Ridge to Lake Edison. Vermilion!
Layover at Vermilion
Silver Pass. Going it solo.
Lake Virginia to Purple Lake
The high trail to Crater Meadow
Through Red's Meadow to Trinity Lakes
The Gemstone Route
To Rush Creek Basin
Donahue Pass to Lyell Canyon
Resupply at Tuolumne
Tuolumne to Cathedral Peak
To Sunrise High Sierra Camp
Coasting toward the valley
Descent into Paradise