Tuesday, August 29, 2000

A downhill day. We left early, hit the trail and descended through a cool misted landscape to our final campsite, which was situated a few yards past the junction of the trail heading up to Cloud's Rest. I don't know if I was too tired, too lazy or too excited to write in my little black book. Most of the time we just hung out in our tent and listened to the rain, a nice bookend effect--25 perfect Sierra days bracketed by spells of rain. So no pages from me. I'll let Mom speak for the two of us.


More deers

The campsite near the clouds rest trail junction

A view of Half Dome from behind

It was overcast and drizzly this morning. I dressed for rain, but it actually sprinkled very little. There were 2 ridges to cross but most of the trail today was downhill- 1 steep section, but most of it gradual. We reached the Cloud's Rest Junction about noon and found a site nearby. We could have hiked farther but didn't have a cabin in the Valley until tomorrow. We found wood for a fire, ate lunch, took a short walk to see Half Dome at 1:45, washed and then read in the tent while it sprinkled, till about 5:00. We had a good dinner of 2-cheese pasta with salami and red peppers, and cocoa and Nutter Butters. Made a nice fire. No rain, but no stars either. This is our last night on the trail. Too bad the weather didn't hold but it's not too wet and not cold. There's only a 6-7 mile hike down to the Valley tomorrow, all downhill.

Cheesy corn pasta!

The last supper.

Stoking the campifire