Monday, August 14, 2000


Long Way Down

This panorama consists of two photos (fused by Photoshop) showing the valley. we're looking west towards Florence Lake. The Hot Springs can be seen to the left.

Scrambled eggs, sausages in tortillas for brekkie. Keir had made a fire because it was cold so we alternately stood around the fire and packed up. Keir headed for the ferry at 7:30 and we broke camp at 8:30. Nice walk through meadows and forests, then found the junction to the JMT and started climbing from 9:30- 12:30- 2,000' up a canyon wall. I had zero energy. It seemed steep and endless. Sheer willpower kept me putting one foot in front of another.


So today's hike found us toiling up the canyon wall from the meadows below. A series of lengthy switchbacks brought us to an absolutely gorgeous crossing at Senger Creek. I, personally, would have done that trail twice to have reached such a place. Green, grassy, vertical lines of the lodgepole pines, a galaxy of wildflowers, low, flat rocks on which to sit and spread out the salami and cheese, and then later, the map. Cool waters undulating past. An Eden. Unfortunately, Mom wasn't feeling too well so after we made it to Sallie Keyes Lakes we pitched the tent and collapsed in it for a while.

We're almost at the top, guys

Resting in a patch of shade.


Clowning in a patch of shade.


The lunch spot.

Standing around in Eden

A well-deserved rest,

At 12:30 we arrived at Senger Creek, dropped our packs, soaked our toes and ate salami and cheese by the river. We stayed there almost an hour, then got back on the trail. More switchbacks up, then meadows and finally Sallie Keyes Lakes. We decided not to go for the pass. It was beautiful and secluded there and we had the lakes to ourselves. I lay in the tent for an hour, then washed up thoroughly near the highest lake, then came back to camp for lasagna dinner. Sean was feeling the effects of the altitude so he went to sleep early.


On the trail above Senger

Sylvan Wonderland.

A lodgepole playground.


Where's Waldo?

Now it's Sean's turn, stricken, it seems, by a bout of altitude sickness. Dinner tonight was lasagna for both parties. Theirs was better. Multiple deer sightings. We met some women on the top of Mather Pass who said they hadn't seen a single deer since they started the JMT in Yosemite. I just don't see how that's possible.

Sean in silhouette
Chris hides out
The Northface Coriolis

These photos don't really do justice to the splendor of this campsite.


Serious headache time

Will looks at dinner. Sean thinks about pain.