Saturday, August 5, 2000

Kearsarge Lakes. This Saturday was so lazy, I don't make a journal entry. Keir and Joy leave in the morning. The rest of us pretty much laze about, keep a low profile and enjoy the fine weather. We sort food. Sort clothing. And repack food canisters to the bursting point. Our next leg is more than eight days in length, so every grain of rice counts.

Long shot

Keir and Joy on the lakeshore

Bear Lockers

Putzing around at the bear lockers

Bright red

Keir and Joy in red

6:55 am- Chase is fishing. I just got up and am now back in the tent. Occasional winds but not too cold. Crystal clear. Fitful sleep- Used my earplugs toward the morning but it was nice cuddling with Chase. Big breakfast burritos and banana bread. Then we spent an hour going through food. Keir and Joy started packing and left about 10:30. I felt very sad seeing them leave- I wish they could've spent an extra day. I'll see him in a week from tomorrow at Florence Lake for a resupply. I watched their progress up the pass from lakeside, then did laundry and warmed up., washed hair, lounged, ate tuna on a bagel, read, watched Chase fish.



Mount Gould in the background

Fishing. This pretty much sums up Chase's day.

On the shore of Kearsarge Lake

A low-energy day

Evening walk around the lake

A beautiful sunset

Crashed out

Chris saves her strength for tomorrow

Now it's almost 5 pm. Last night was so jolly. Today's been subdued but nice. Chase and I turned in around 8 pm and slept fairly well.