Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Another day with no journal entry. I've figured it out. When there are people to talk to, journal entries shrink. When I'm alone, I practically run out of journals. No one around to hear me complain, I guess. So here are some pictures and some sparse narration. I make up for the lack of entries here after the ressuply at Vermilion. In spades.

Salley Keyes Lake #1

Morning stillness.

A Perfect morning

Becca on the trail.

Becca and Chris

Toiling up to Heart Lake.

Front guy

I'm ahead o' you.

Today was good. We left camp about 9:15 AM. We found a pair of shorts that had been left by the lake. They looked decent so I packed them to take back to Chase. It took about an hour to get past Heart Lake and to the top of Selden Pass.

While we relaxed there, an elderly couple crested the pass from the other side followed by another older woman coaxing a dirty miniature poodle along! What troopers! We relaxed at the top, then headed down to Marie Lake and Rosemarie Meadow.

Marie Lake

Looking north from Selden Pass

Basin to the south

Looking South from Selden Pass

Will and Chris

We pretend it's easy but it isn't really


It's (almost) all downhill from here



We had lunch at the 1st Bear Creek Crossing. At the 2nd crossing, Sean crossed on rocks, Will went downstream and crossed on rocks, and Becca tried to cross on the rocks and lost her balance and fell in the river, completely soaking her shirt and shorts. She was okay and tried to reassure me from the other side. But I finished changing into my Tevas and waded across. After all, that was precisely why I had brought them along. Shortly after a log crossing of Hilgard Creek, we made camp about 3:00. Close by was Bear Creek with lovely rockslabs to wash and relax on. My toes hurt a bit today but the downhill wasn't harsh. Tomorrow we have Bear Ridge, then Vermilion!!

Marie Lake

Will, Becca and Sean on the banks of Marie Lake

Selden Pass

Looing back at distant Selden Pass


Much later. Bear Creek. Looking upstream.


One of the nicer trailside soaks we had on the trip

North Face Coriolis x2

A sun-dappled campsite.

7:05 PM Just finished dinner of corn pasta with salami and gruyere AND couscous with curry. Yum.