Saturday/Sunday, August 12 & 13, 2000

We were due for a resupply. And boy, were we ready for it. Not only werewe to get new and interesting food, we were to get the pleasure of Keir's company again. And though it wasn't certain, there was a good chance friends from Santa Barbara would be joining us for a few days. Someone else to talk to? It was almost too much to hope for. Our plan was to head for the San Joaquin river, which crosses the JMT at the junction of a trail leading towards distant Piute Pass and North Lake. And then then next day was a shorter jog down to Blayney Meadow near Florence Lake. There we were to await Keir (and, I prayed) Becca and Sean.

It was another long day. Will made a fire this morning and we left about 9- to McClure and Evolution Meadows and across Evolution Creek. It was wide but shallow, so on went the Tevas. The trail was rough and steep down to the Goddard Canyon and was rough and ugly to the Piute Pass Trail. I sure prefer walking on smooth dirt.

The welcome morning sun

Morning falls on Colby Meadow.

River Crossing

Evolution Creek. Our one picture for the next several miles


Evolution Meadow is a spectacular stroll, beautiful in its own right, but made special by its relative seclusion. It's a long hike in, no matter what direction one takes. So walking through it is like being allowed a privileged glimpse into a private wilderness. If we weren't so interested in getting our hands on a fresh supply of cheese and fruit, we might have taken more pictures. Take my word for it. Very nice terrain.

The trail drops like a stone from the mouth of Evolution Valley, gathers itself at the bottom of a steep slope, then winds its rock-studded way down a warm canyon. It meets the San Joaquin at a bridge where we sat and soaked. Here's a picture of Mom's feet:

A view frm the shore

Two clean feet.

We took a blessed cool water break to soak our feet at the river. We were going to camp there (and should've) but it was only another 3 miles to Blayney Meadows, then a complete rest day! It was a long, hot, dry trail. We got off to investigate the hot springs but the campsites didn't look promising. Somehow we got onto the Muir Trail Ranch property (no camping) and hiked for an hour, finally finding our way back onto the main trail. There were no campsite areas like I remember from the last time we were here with Sally but we found a creek and a fire ring and set up camp at 7:00 PM. Another 10 hour day. We must've hiked close to 13 miles. We had rice and tortilla soup for dinner. I hope Keir shows up with some good eats.

We decided to go the extra few miles to Blayney Meadow. I was worried that I might miss meeting Keir at the first ferry of the day. Our route ended up being unintentionally circuitous. So yeah, it was a long day, thus my apparent reluctance to drag my pen across the pages of my journal.

We made camp, crashed, and the next morning I set off to meet the first shuttle across Florence Lake. I took The Razor's Edge with me just in case there was any waiting to do.

Resupply day! Keir and maybe Will's friends from Santa Barbara, Becca and Sean, will come. Will left about 9:30 to meet them at the dock, about 2 miles away. It's now 10:45 AM. I've washed hair and clothes and am now in the tent. Last night we made a fire, talked and watched for meteors. I saw 2, Will 3. This is a nice enough camp site. It is near the trail and river but secluded. I sure like the high country better, though. Fewer people, cooler. We have a big hike planned tomorrow- either near or over Selden Pass. I'm really looking forward to Vermilion.

Several thousand pages of The Razor's Edge later I returned to the campsite. Ferries had come and gone with no sign of any cheese or fruit. Not even a peanut. So I decide to let Keir come to us. I set up my pack as a signal and crashed in the tent.
Will gave up waiting and came back to camp. He left his pack on the trail as a marker. Keir and Becca and Sean showed up after 4:30. We'd just about given up hope for that ferry. Apparently, Keir had sprung a leak in his tire and had to stop to put on another at Huntington Lake. And the road to Vermilion and Florence was long and rough and took extra time to navigate. It sure was great to see them. They set up tents and we all fixed dinner. Keir brought sausages and beans and Milanos for dinner. We again had a fire and talked and watched for meteors but saw only one. It is time for the Perseid meteor shower but there is also a full moon.
Finally, Keir showed up--Becca and Sean in tow! At that moment they become my best friends for life. I must have been so excited I didn't think to take any pictures. Though here are a couple of snapshots taken that evening:


One of our rare campfires. Keir keeps warm.

Consulting the map

See? It's 2000 feet up to Selden Pass...