Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Planning the day's excursion

Still no journal entry for yours truly. I blabbed all my thoughts to Becca and Sean on the trail, particularly during the fifty-two (or was it fifty-seven?) switchbacks down from Bear Ridge.

We had a fire last night and did some meteor and stargazing, although I went in the tent early to read because of the hordes of mozzies. Will stayed up late and got into watching tiny mice scurrying about. We were up this morning by 6:30 and on the trail by 8:15. I had good energy. It was hot on the switchbacks but tolerable. Then mild undulations on the top through a very dry lodgepole forest. We ate lunch about 11:30 just before starting the switchbacks down. There were at least 57 very steep switchbacks down. I was at least 1-2 behind the others.

Seven Gables View

Looking back up Bear Creek from Bear Ridge.

Towards Silver Pass

From the other end of Bear Ridge. Pocket Meadow is somewhere in there


Switchback 37 or so. Counting down.


No one really believes I was holding that tree up. Right?... Right?

We finally made it to the bridge over Mono Creek, washed feet (yay!), then by Quail Meadow (no meadow within sight) to the Lake Edison ferry. We got here at 2:45. I am relaxing on a rock and the others are swimming while we wait for the ferry.

Mary and Sam were there to meet us at Vermilion. We checked in and went to the hikers' tent cabin, opened wine and sorted through laundry and food. A 6 oz. Steak for dinner filled me up so I did not get to sample the famous pie.


On the ferry, looking back at what we did.

Ferry crew

Becca, Will, Chris and the prospect of steak.

A single relevant scrap from a journal entry the next day:

As we pulled onto the beach at Vermilion I was distinctly aware that upon setting foot on the sand I was ending Act Two of a three-act production. There would be a brief intermission between set changes and we would be back on the trail. I, for one, couldn't wait to see how it was gonna turn out.

Edison Lake

One final panorama.