Wednesday, August 30, 2000

A lush, cool, overcast day. Looking down trail

Final pack adjustments

Will at the top of

Impossible to avoid smiling

Chris at the top of

Stellars Jayl

Peering over the top of Nevada Falls

Liberty Cap, from below Nevada Falls

One of the most photographed vistas in the valley. Vernal Falls

Bridge over the Merced River

We made it!! We even snagged a hard-sided cabin for 2 nights. We left camp at 7:40 AM and got to Little Yosemite Valley at 8:40. It was a drizzly and foggy morning but pleasant enough. We stopped to have a snack at Nevada Falls. The hike down from there was not bad- better than usual, in fact, probably because I hadn't just hiked up! We just about ran down the trail. We took pictures at the Happy Isles signpost and gave each other high fives and a hug. We got to Curry Village about noon, checked in, cleaned up in the shower house and then went right over to the hamburger stand. Then, over a bottle of Eberle Cabernet back in the cabin, we reminisced while looking at the maps. We treated ourselves to a nice dinner in the Mountain Room and called Chase. Now (9:00) I'm in bed. Ahhhh…I'm already thinking about how to finish off the JMT- the Vermilion to Reds Meadow section. Next year maybe. And I am looking forward to North Dome in October.
11:40 AM. We stepped the last few feet to the big brown mileage sign. Victory! Exultation! Hamburger! We took our pictures by the sign and headed for Curry Village, which is where we are now. Cabin #283. A stand-alone. We are giddy with the luxury of it. I'm clean, just having stepped out of the Nob Hill shower hut. A little Sven Vath an I'm as content as possible. All I need is a glass of wine.

Oh look. Here's a bottle of Eberle Cab…


Some scenes from Paradise...



The Dome

The other dome